ePlayer v1.9

Description:ePlayer is a media player plugin that allows media clips to be displayed by category.

ePlayer is configurable from the Admin area of e107. Media clips can be added, updated and deleted, as can media categories.

The preferences page lets you choose where your media clips are located and allows you to change the way media clips are
displayed on your website.

Support for many media types, including MPEG, Quicktime, Shockwave Flash and Real Media.
Support for image types JPEG, GIF and PNG
Display media clips sorted by title, date (ascending or descending) or timestamp (again, ascending or descending).
Set individual icons for categories and media clips.
Set a custom title for the media pages on your website.
Set the number of clips to be displayed per page.
Allow comments to be posted for individual clips

Requires the e107 Helper Project to be installed.
Released:28 May 2007 : 05:48PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher